Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Back Care Awareness week in the UK

Back Care awareness week is from the 2nd to 6th October 2017  

Did you know your back is related to support?  
You might say yes, my back supports me but that is not what I mean.

Here is what I mentioned about back pain and support at a networking meeting.

Have a lovely week caring for your back.

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  1. My treatment with Julie came after a week of severe lower back pain. Because it was taking so long to heal, and had begun at the same time as a big change in family circumstances, I had a good idea there was an emotional component to the pain. Julie’s approach was to help me identify the core underlying emotions and beliefs…for me there was fear of an uncertain future and a conflict around doing what I “should” do as opposed to what I feel I want to do. There was also guilt around this conflict and the feeling I didn't deserve to do what I wanted. Julie’s questioning soon got to the core issues and we were able to work on these. It was wonderful to have the time to look within and get to the bottom of things in such a supportive setting. The bodywork that followed was also very helpful in practising how to ‘let go’ of these emotional patterns to allow myself to be less run by them and more ‘in the moment’. By the end of the session I felt lighter and had more clarity on what was going on in my mind and body. By that evening my back pain had lessened and by the next day I was moving normally again. I am confident it won’t take long to heal completely and I’m grateful to Julie for playing a part in that. I’ve come to realise that many (if not all) physical pain can have emotional issues as a root cause and/or keeping it going for long periods. Just dealing with the pain on a bodily level might provide some relief, but a holistic approach like Julie’s is the key to long lasting healing. Thank you Julie!