Monday, 1 January 2018

Why I don't have a New Year's resolution!

Happy New Year and healthy 2018

Yes, it's that time of year when people make New Year Resolutions.  As they are usually to do with health, you might be surprised that whether you have made one or not, is not important to me. Why? Because I know that most people who set one break it before the end of the month.

The 3 reasons I think most resolutions are broken is because:

1) They are not necessarily congruent with our values
2) They are often based on what other people think we should do.
3) Though they might help us reach a set goal, they are laden with rules, regulations and often everything but fun!

Colourful painting of footprints
Steps to a healthy life
I don't have a New Year resolution, but if you want to take steps to a better life, here is an idea of what you could do.
What is important to me, is to take time to become clear about what our values are. Then it becomes clear what steps to take to live by them.
If one of your top three values is health, like mine is, then when you are making decisions about what to eat or what to do, for example, you have clarity as to whether it will serve you and therefore live congruently.
I have my values that I live by. We all have different combinations of them and a short version of what mine are, look something like this.

What matters to me is to do things that are:

1) Good for my health. (why I do at least swimming, pilates or yoga every week)
2) Sustainable in the long term and does not inflict pain or strain on my body so I can do it in my 90's if I want to. ( why I would not do a marathon for example)
3) Give me freedom to be me and do things how I want or in my time frame. (Hence why I am self employed)
4) When I do them it is fun, enjoyable and I feel good.

I have found something that fits all these criteria, which is why I love it so much. It is a form of mindful movement meditation called '5 Rhythms' developed by Gabrielle Roth. You have fun and can be just who and how you are, not withstanding the fact it is good for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Footprints on sand with quote from Gabrielle Roth  When your body surrenders to movement your soul remembers it's dance 
Suitable for everyone! Whatever your level of fitness or unfitness, wellness or illness. No experience of any form of exercise required. All you need is to wear loose comfortable clothes, layers to remove as you warm up & put back on as you cool down and bring some water.
So, if you haven't got a New Year resolution and still feel you need one, or  decide you would like to change it, can I suggest you commit to attending one of the 5 Rhythms sessions held in Liddington or elsewhere in the country if you are not near Swindon to find out if it is for you.
Here are the details of the first 2  if you would like to join me and I wish you a happy healthy 2018
Dancing the '5rhythms’ is a beautiful exploration of our ability to be conscious of how we are in any one moment and to express this through movement.  
Booking is essential to avoid disappointment as places are limited to 16.
Dates: 21st Jan 2018 and 18th March 2018. More to follow later in the year.
Venue: Liddington Village hall, Nr Swindon SN4 0HB Free parking. Just 5 min from J15 of the M4
Teacher: Gay Murphy
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Value: £20 Early bird by 6th Jan £18 Book 2 places get £2 off
and  Early bird by 3rd March, Book 2 places get £2 off
Booking: email me to let me know how many places you want to book and how you are paying so I can reserve your place.
Cheque: payable to Julie Nicholls sent to Natural Therapy Centre, 5 Bibury Road,  Swindon, SN3 1DD
Transfer: Miss J K Nicholls, Lloyds Bank, Old Town, Swindon branch, Sort code 30-98-41 Acc No 00354423
Feel the joy of a flowing life.
A short video with a bit of what happened last time: Gay Murphy tell us what 5 Rhythms is about.

Find out more: the international site with all classes listed

The facebook group:

More info:  01793495551

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Back Care Awareness week in the UK

Back Care awareness week is from the 2nd to 6th October 2017  

Did you know your back is related to support?  
You might say yes, my back supports me but that is not what I mean.

Here is what I mentioned about back pain and support at a networking meeting.

Have a lovely week caring for your back.

If you are not getting the results you want then give me a call to book a free taster session.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

"Movement Meditation a “5Rhythms Taster Day” in Swindon

I started dancing 5 Rhythms, developed by Gabrielle Roth,  about 6 years ago.  Even though I knew it could be transformational, having seen first hand how it helped a school friend, at first I just did it for fun and the exercise.  It is easy because there are no steps to learn ( I had enough going on in my head, without having to learn something else) and no partners needed (ideal as my husband hates dancing).

It took a while for me to feel the benefits, other than getting out and having my own space, which anyone who has or can remember having a 2 year old around will understand is of great value in itself.  I was getting space by going to my pilates and yoga classes but 5 Rhythms was different, it was about being me, not following someone else.

The beauty of it is that you dance your own dance, within your own comfort zone so there is no need to do anything that strains your body. There are no steps to learn and you can never get it wrong. This brings so much freedom to the body that it frees the mind and the mind is so free to explore that it frees the body.

The classes and workshops have helped me be more in tune with what is going on in my life. I am more aware and respect the different rhythms that go on all around and inside me. Now it brings back the freedom and fun in my body that gets lost with the every day demands of bringing up a child and running my own business from home. It allows me to receive in the way I give to my clients.

 Can this really help me?  
Dancing benefits in the press!

Dancing out of depression with 5 Rhythm classes  

Shall We Dance? Science Says ‘Go on, It’s Good for You’  
Studies have started to emerge on the positive impacts community dance activity can have on different populations, across a range of issues.

You can come and find out for yourself during our taster session on the 29th October 


Dancing the 5rhythms’ is a beautiful exploration of our ability to be conscious of how we are in any one moment and to express this through movement.  

“For me the healing occurs when someone finds their own dance, whatever it feels like, and goes with it, finding something new for themselves; and giving themselves permission to be just as they are.”


During the morning session we will go through the rhythms so that you can begin to feel them in your own way; I will encourage you to "FLOW"  for yourself then to allow the beat to take you into "STACCATO",  to then move into "CHAOS" with curiosity; to drop into "LYRICAL" and find that part of yourself that wishes to sing and embrace everything and then lastly to find peace and quiet in "STILLNESS". 

In the afternoon session, we will go through the 5 Rhythms again but with more focus on being conscious of what is present for us in the moment and how our movement is affected by our thoughts and our feelings.   At the same time I will explore with you how each rhythm has its' own flavour and each session is an exploration into being mindful and in the present.

We will look for the "sweet spot", the place where we feel wholly together in body, feelings and mind; together with another, the group and the setting.  Searching for this combination of the whole self, and repeating the dance as we feel it, can lead into that energetic space where there is only the beat, your breath, your heartbeat and the space to be you

The music is varied: electronica, jazz, classical, pop, rock and roll, alternative, some fast some slow.  
Gay Murphy 5 Rhythms teacher
Gay Murphy 5 Rhythms teacher
No previous experience of dance needed, and all are welcome.   There are no steps to learn and no judgement from the teacher during a session.

Really look forward to meeting you on the dance floor

Venue: Liddington Village hall, near Swindon, SN4 0HB Free parking
When: 29th Oct 2017  
Teacher: Gay Murphy
Investment: For the morning 10.30 to 12.30 donations to help us cover the cost of the hall and the teacher's travel from London. 
For the afternoon  2 to 5pm £15 -  Book by 1st Oct: £2 off  - Bring a friend: get £2 off
Booking is essential to avoid disappointment as places are limited.
Suitable for everyone! Whatever your level of fitness or unfitness, wellness or illness. No experience of any form of exercise required.Wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing. Bring some water and lunch if you stay for the afternoon.

Feel the joy of a less stressed life.

Join the FB group to know about future events:

For more information or to go on the mailing list contact:
Julie Nicholls  01793 495551

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

20 steps to beat stress 12th Sept 2016 7.30pm

12th Sept 7.30pm - 20 steps to beat stress  Back by popular demand!

Do you feel like this?
Stress might be the norm these days, but that doesn't mean it has to be that way for you.
It is agreed, by the medical profession, that stress is the cause or aggravates most diseases, yet they continue to treat the symptom not the cause. Come and find out how you can  deal with the cause.
Why spend time and energy managing stress when you can get rid of it?
Discover some simple things you can do that will help you unwind and really release the tension in your body and make a huge difference to your stress levels.
Apply the 20 easy and simple steps in your life so you can feel better and more in charge of your life.
 You can get rid of fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, frustration and all the parts of stress you don't need which are getting in the way of you performing at your best!  You will also see a demonstration of EMDR. This will help you regain clarity, energy and sleep better too.
You can see a demonstration of how quickly and easily a stress issue can be resolved on this EMDR video 

Book Here 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Easing Neck and shoulders pain and discomfort

18th July 2016 7.30pm - Neck and shoulders

Before treatment: the ear is forward of the shoulder
After: ear and shoulder are more in line
Find out how to easing tension and improving round shouldered posture easily and without going to the gym. For most people tension is held in the shoulders and causes pain in the neck and headaches.  Many people stretch their arm forward to ease the tension yet this is the opposite of what you need to to solve shoulder pain and tension.  Learn some simple techniques you an use anywhere any time.

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Last few places left for Monday's nutrition talk

20th June 8pm – Nutrition.

food heartYou might like your food but does your food like you?
Do you know some types of  foods can increase inflammation disorders such as arthritis, eczema & colitis?
If your hormones are playing havoc with your well being then it could be you are lacking minerals and you can help yourself by having the right foods and supplements without the need for HRT.
Are you confused about what foods & drinks are healthy & what aren’t?
Would you like to look & feel good in your clothes?
To feel great and have more energy, find out which foods love you, depending on your blood type.
Speaker: Helen Auburn, a nutritionist based in Swindon will be sharing her insights into how food can make you ill or help you feel great.
Book here

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Back by popular demand!

Due to popular demand I am re-running the 20 steps to beat stress talk on the 9th May at 8pm. For more information and booking click below
20-steps-to-beat-stress talk demonstration